K9 Preparation

American K9 Pre-Inspection Checklist

Our certified Bed Bug Detection Team’s sole mission is to detect the scent of live bed bugs or viable bed bug eggs. Our commitment is to provide you with the best possible results.

In preparation for our visit, we ask that you take the following steps to ensure the highest detailed inspection achievable.

  1. Please have inspection area clutter free.
  2. For the health and safety of our dogs and the accuracy of the inspection, no inspection can take place within 30 days of any chemical treatment.
  3. Please do not use any type of household cleaner or disinfectants for at least three (3) hours prior to inspections
  4. Extinguish all smoking materials in the space to be inspected three (3) hours prior to inspection.
  5. All pets must be removed from the space to be inspected three (3) hours prior to inspection. Cover all bird cages and fish tanks.
  6. Pet food, human food, water and toys of any sort, need to be non-accessible to the dog
  7. Discontinue the use of indoor products used to conceal odor, such as plug in’s, air fresheners, candles, incense etc. for one (1) day prior to inspection.
  8. Vacuum all rugs and floors. Carpet deodorizers can affect the outcome of the inspection.
  9. Noise and human distraction must be minimized to create the most effective search environment for the dog.
  10. Air conditioners/heaters/ceiling fans need to be turned off thirty (30) minutes prior to our arrival.
  11. To keep the dog focused on the job at hand, no socialization should occur until after the inspection is completed.
  12. The handler may refuse a search of a given area if the above steps are not followed or the dog’s safety is at risk.
  13. Additional fees may apply if a re-inspection is required due to lack of preparation.

Download a PDF of this checklist.