I’m not a person that is easily ‘WOW’d’ by great service and support so when you do get my admiration and respect you can be rest assured that it was very well earned. I have known Michael Tache of American K9 Private Investigators for approximately four years through professional industry circles and colleagues. I did my due diligence on him and his services and then started selectively working with him as he needed to prove himself to me over a one-year period before I could feel confident and put my trust in his services. I am a certified entomologist with over 21 years industry experience so I need to make sure the scientific aspect of his business is just as sound as his business management.

“It has now been three years that I have worked exclusively with Michael and I have trusted him on over 100 separate inspections from sensitive environments to valued clients. He has always demonstrated incredible initiative and a strong dedication to quality service with unparalleled caring. This is a man that loves what he does and has a genuine caring about the situations he is involved with. It is easy to see why he is regarded as one of the industry leaders in canine scent detection services in the U.S. I have total confidence in his services and expertise and would not hesitate to refer him to anyone.

– George Williams

I had the unfortunate experience of having a bed bug issue at my home in the summer of 2009, and after extensive research on the internet, I read about Mike Tache and his trusted team of dogs. Mike came to my home and within ten minutes of searching, found exactly where I had an issue. Mike is not only excellent at what he does, but he has compassion and perspective for those dealing with bed bugs.

But my story and dealings with Mike didn’t end there. Weeks later, my employer, an assisted living company in greater Boston, also experienced an issue with bed bugs. Again, Mike was called in to assist and again delivered expert and professional service to my company over multiple visits.

In both cases, Mike was not only used to initially locate the issue, but was also used post-treatment (thermal remediation) to ensure the issues were completely resolved.

I can’t recommend Mike and his team highly enough and would be happy to speak with anyone who may need his service.

– Dan Colucci

I had the pleasure of working with Mike and his dog, Badger, at a high rise apartment building with 100 units. As a pest control senior technician who is very skilled at finding bed bugs I will tell you hands down that I was thoroughly impressed with Badger. The bed bugs were found quicker than I could ever find them, and Badger’s accuracy is second to none. Mike runs a class operation and is a very nice gentleman to work with. I have seen a lot in y many years in the industry, but this is one of the most impressive.

– Joe (senior service technician)

I am a housing inspector, and I had heard of Mike’s dogs, and how accurate they were. As careful as I was, my home became infested with bed bugs. I didn’t hesitate calling Mike, and have great faith in his work. The dogs found bugs in a dark leather couch that we would never have seen. After treatment he even returned to reinspect, and we are all clear. He and Guy were professional and kind, and those dogs are the real deal, skilled and reliable. Well worth every penny! A million thanks!

– Deidre

The Melrose Housing Authority would like to take this opportunity to thank you for responding so quickly to our recent bed bug infestation. Your assistance in dealing with our emergency is greatly appreciated.

The support from everyone involved, greatly lightened the burden of the Housing authority and made a difficult situation run as efficiently as possible.

Again, we sincerely thank you for your prompt and efficient service.

-Ann St. Pierre, Executive Director, Melrose Housing Authority