Why American K9?

At American K-9 we are proud of the Experience, Knowledge, and Discretion we bring to the job every day.

  • We have performed thousands of K-9 bed bug searches giving us the experience and confidence that are a vital part of any successful K-9 teams’ ability to detect the scent of live bed bugs or viable bed bug eggs.
  • We gain knowledge about bed bug biology through attending professional seminars and trade shows. At these seminars we have the opportunity to hear presentations, conducted by Entomologists, discussing bed bug trends, reproduction and changes that they are seeing and hearing nationally and internationally. The experience we gain in the field conducting bed bug searches is invaluable; we are able to observe the bed bug in its natural habitat which increases our knowledge about the bed bugs cryptic behavior.
  • Discretion, we arrive in an unmarked vehicle, no big block lettering or graphics of dogs telling the public what we do or why we are where we are! We often get feedback from our clients telling us how much they appreciate that, and we will continue to stay away from any advertising on our vehicles.

American K-9 was the first Bed bug detection company in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Our NESDCA certified team’s sole mission is to detect the presence of live bed bugs or viable bed bug eggs. We look forward to aiding you in the proactive battle against bed bugs.